I am passionate about helping my clients get more clients and then learn to how keep them. I believe there are only two ways to increase revenue: you can sell more or you spend less. My mission is to help my clients to get more clients and keep more of their profits. I am a business coach, consultant, mentor and trainer who lives to help people reach their goals.

Who Does She Work With?

I work with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Direct Sales and Service Professionals who:

  • Are frustrated with the feast or famine cycle in their businesses;
  • Suddenly realized they have created a job and not a business;
  • Needs a brainstorming session to flush out business ideas as well as issues, concerns and challenges they are facing;
  • Are tired of using the shot gun approach to marketing and want to develop a focused plan and strategy; and
  • Have become too busy taking care of the business, and need help taking care of their clients.