What does she do for her clients?

  • Get Clients Now Licensed Facilitator – 28-Day Program to teach a system to Get Clients and Keep Them
  • One-on-One Training – Highly focused sessions based on the individual needs.
  • Brainstorming Sessions – Either with an individual business owner or a team – utilized to create new ideas and to work through issues, concerns and challenges.
  • Group Mastermind Sessions – Utilizing the power of many minds, we will work together to create solutions and strategies for building business. Through the group process, synergy usually happens and the power of “we” will be come greater than the power “me.” (Business Marketing Gym)
  • Business & Marketing Plan Development – Assist you in creating and implementing a plan for success and a strategy for achieving that plan
  • Customer Relationship Management/Customer Loyalty Program – Aid you in developing an ongoing program for identifying and taking care of key customers so they keeping coming back.
  • Assessments – Utilize assessments to help fine tune and pin point areas for improvement.
  • Networking Boot Camp – Comprehensive networking program to teach how to network and market effectively.
  • Customized Training – Develop and implement training to help grow and develop teams to sell and retain more clients/customers.
  • Speeches – On topics including, Customer Service, Nurture Marketing, Top of Mind Marketing, Marketing Cycle/Funnel and The Traveler’s Gift
  • Holistic Life Coaching – One on One coaching to help you create a plan of balance, purpose and clarity.
  • Essential Oil Teaching – Essential Oils have been around since the dawn of time.  Learn how to use them in your life and business to promote wellness, improve clarity, increase your immune system and provide emotional support for you, your employees and your families.