What do her clients say about working with Lia Allen?

I was fortunate to meet Lia Allen when I first moved to the York area. All of a sudden I felt like a world of pix_milana_2006opportunities opened to me! She’s been doing business in this area for so many years, I call her my ”walking network” – she knows everyone, and everyone knows her! I also experience Lia’s amazing brain power when we brainstorm together. Her nature is to think outside the box and come up with creative marketing solutions I haven’t even considered! I am a part of anything Lia ever puts together, because I know the value she brings to the table when she’s in the room!”
Milana Leshinsky, www.Milana.com


People divide themselves to varying degrees into givers and takers. Lia Allen is a giver. We all know who the people are who drain the life out of us through negativity and continual complaining. We all know who the people James Hallare who breathe life and optimism into every encounter. Lia is the latter kind of person. You emerge from meetings with her “inspired.” This means that you feel like you have had new, positive life breathed into you as a result of the encounter.

Lia has a wealth of business experience and expertise that she shares in unstinting ways. If she knows something, or has something of potential benefit to you, you can have it. She is also not afraid to tell you the truth. All of us in business have things that we prefer not to deal with; we prefer sometimes to sweep these things under the rug and pretend that they aren’t there. Lia politely lifts the corner of the carpet and invites you to take a look–with her–at what you find there. With business conditions the way they are, we can’t afford to consign any “pieces” of our businesses to under-the-carpet status. We have to optimize every facet of our business potential, and Lia is an invaluable ally in that endeavor.
Jim Hall & Associates